1.Who Are We?

Grassroots Community (hereinafter referred to as GC) is an volunteer organization founded in 2000 and officially registered as a Social Organization (with Civil Affaires Bureau of Shanghai Municipality) in 2004. Through providing volunteer services in the areas of law, environmental protection education and so on for community residents, in particular the vulnerable groups, GC aims to promote public participation, public interest and the sustainable and harmonious development of urban communities.


Through mobilizing and encouraging volunteers to participate in community service,

To enrich the social life of the volunteers;

To give hope to the disadvantaged;

To promote the values of public interest in the community.


Action Changes Community.





The program started in September 2003 aims to help the children of migrant workers to obtain more education resources and through the colorful and appropriate activities, these children can integrate into the community life better and faster. The Sunflower Supplemental School lies in the XingLian community where a lot of migrant workers inhabit. We set up a small community children library where the volunteers and children can come together every weekend to take part in activities, such as one-to-one tutorship, English club, reading program, music appreciation and various aspiration groups.

6.Legal Service

Since September, 2000, GC has started to implement this program. Its long term goals are to provide professional legal service to the disadvantaged citizens, assist them to assert and protect their basic rights and promote
the stable and harmonious community development.

For eight years, more than 800 volunteers consisted of lawyers and college students have gone deep into many grassroots communities to provide free legal advice for nearly 2000 person times.

Hundreds of citizens are benefited from the substantial legal aid services.

After a few years of active practices, the program has expanded its services in other areas and formed its characteristic. The program currently has three components:
1) legal aid service (both consultation and substantial legal aid services by lawyers);
2) public education;
3) public participation in community’s activities. 9 working groups composed

of lawyers and other volunteers with legal background are established to provide technical support to the program activities in various areas ranging from real estate, demolition of house to marriage and the family.

7.Technology Learing Center

This program which started in December 2005 is supported by Microsoft (China) and PlaNET Finance. It goals is to narrow the information gap through providing those people who are inaccessible to the information technology such as migrant workers, the unemployed, disabilities an opportunity to free know and learn the computer and internet.

At the same time, it offers a platform for the volunteers to contribute their knowledge to society and carry out the idea of ‘Help People to Help Themselves’.

Now, the community computer classroom set up in the GC’s office offers the training course on every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. And every Friday afternoon, it will be open for the learner to sharpen their skills learned in the course. Up to now, there are over 2000 people have benefited from the program. In 2006; the program was listed in the top ten best demonstration of ‘The first China social welfare demonstration project’.

8.Environment Protection

The program which started in October 2001 aims to establish an effective model to raise the awareness of environmental protection in Shanghai communities. The program activities includes: edited and disseminated a newsletter named Oasis on a regular bases; showed movies with environmental protection as the theme, held series of lectures on environmental protection, organized ecological tour and collected the used batteries, etc.

In 2007, we began to promote the concept of “Organic Farming in Family’, educate the community to live an environmental friendly live. The activities in this initiative include organizing an environmental protection festival in cooperation with sub-district governments and resident committees and convening series of lectures.

In 2008, cooperated with the Baoshan sub-district office, we started an initiative to establish a practical model for general public and households to save energy and reduce pollutant emission.

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